Arkansas GOP governor says state’s near-total abortion ban should be ‘revisited’ if Roe is reversed

“While it’s still life in the womb, life of the unborn, the conception was under criminal circumstances, either incest or rape. And so, those are two exceptions I have recognized I believe are very appropriate,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” when asked why a young girl impregnated by … Read more

Baby formula arrives in Indianapolis from Germany on US military aircraft to address critical need

The formula will be distributed to areas around the country where there is the most acute need, a Biden administration official earlier told CNN. The shipment includes 132 pallets of formula, which arrived on one C-17 cargo plane. The formula originated from Zurich, Switzerland, and was trucked to Germany, where it was loaded on the … Read more

What to do while you wait for possible coming student loan forgiveness

Kool99 | Istock | Getty Images Contact your lender Because of the pandemic-era payment pause on student loan bills, most borrowers haven’t made a payment in more than two years. Now the bills are set to arrive in mailboxes again in September. Even if some student debt is forgiven, you could still have a balance … Read more

Inside the Republican push to stop Trump’s ‘vendetta tour’ in Georgia

Placeholder while article actions load Republican governors hatched the plan months ago. Meeting at the desert Biltmore resort in Phoenix in mid-November, they agreed to confront a new threat to their incumbents: Former president Donald Trump was ramping up support for primary challengers as part of what one former governor called “a personal vendetta tour.” … Read more

Arkansas governor is odd man out in his own state’s primary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Based on the barrage of television ads and mailers leading up to Tuesday’s primary election in Arkansas, it’s obvious who the most influential Republicans in the state are. Tom Cotton’s making the case for fellow Sen. John Boozman, talking up his conservative bona fides while the two-term senator fends off … Read more

Russian travel ban has 963 notables, some deceased

Russia is permanently banning nearly 1,000 Americans, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, from entering the country in response to the United States’ support of Ukraine and the historic sanctions facing Moscow nearly three months into its invasion. On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry published an updated list of 963 Americans barred … Read more

Twelve people arrested at two Boston-area beaches

At least twelve people were arrested at two Boston-area beaches on Saturday, according to officials. State Police said they had arrested seven people at Revere Beach as of 9 pm The charges include: • Juvenile male, charged with assault and battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct; • Juvenile male, charged with unlawful possession … Read more

‘I’m still shaking’: ABC30 editor spotted suspect in Fresno Save Mart, alerted employees

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — An ABC30 editor spotted suspect Pheng Vang in the Save Mart he was hiding in and alerted store employees, minutes before he was arrested by Fresno police. Editor Andrea Guyton was shopping in the grocery store on Saturday afternoon when she saw the 28-year-old burglary suspect. “I recognized him almost immediately … Read more