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PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. (KION-TV) UPDATE JUNE 22, 2022, at 5:36 pm— A friend of the victim who was attacked this morning by a shark says at Lovers Point Beach says that he is awake and is expected to be okay.

Stephen Bruemmer, a retired Monterey Penninsula College professor in his 60s, suffered a broken femur and none of his blood vessels were intruded upon so amputation was not needed, according to his friend Jill Hannley.

Jill said her friend was “Kelp Crawling” when he was injured. She said it was a large shark that attacked her friend.


VIDEO of rescue at Lovers Point Beach after shark attack

Pacific Grove Police have shared new details on a shark attack that occurred at Lovers Point Beach at 10:35 am Wednesday.

The victim was an adult male swimmer and they were taken to Natividad with significant injuries from a shark bite.

“The city will follow State Parks protocol, so the beach at Lovers Point and Sea Palm turnout
has been closed and will remain closed until Saturday, June 25, 2022,” police said in a statement.

A drone was deployed by Monterey Fire to search for the shark and they could not spot it again.

Pacific Grove Police said good samaritans were able to take immediate action and personal risk to save the swimmer.


PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. (KION-TV)– Monterey Fire said that a person has been taken to the hospital with unknown injuries after a shark attack at Lovers Point Wednesday morning.

Crews were able to remove the victim from the water but could not immediately say what their condition was.

Pacific Grove Police say Lovers Point Beach is closed until further notice while the investigation takes place. Rhonda Navarro, a resident of Pacific Grove, tells KION people could see the shark but could not identify what type of shark it was.

City of Pacific Grove Councilmember Jenny McAdams says the victim was a surfer and that they were rushed to Natividad hospital with unknown injuries. She said after the attack the shark was seen again.

Navarro tells KION that a police commander says the beach will be closed for several hours.

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