Biden mixes up Switzerland, Sweden in NATO speech

Well, they do start with the same letter … President Biden announced Thursday that he had called the leader of Switzerland to discuss abandoning two centuries of neutrality to join NATO — before quickly correcting himself to say he actually meant Sweden. “Some of the American press will remember when I got a phone call … Read more

Gas prices will stay high until Ukraine victory

American drivers will have to endure high gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to defeat Russia’s invasion, President Biden told reporters in Spain Thursday. At the conclusion of this week’s NATO summit in Madrid, the president was asked by New York Times reporter Jim Tankersley about the surging price of oil … Read more

New fight over abortion jolts Democratic battle to take on Johnson in Wisconsin

Madison, Wis. CNN — President Joe Biden has gone from narrowly winning Wisconsin nearly two years ago to becoming an apparent liability for Democrats running there – so much so that two of the leading candidates running for their party’s US Senate nomination won’t say whether he should run again. But the Wisconsin Senate Democratic … Read more

Sweden and Finland are on the cusp of joining NATO. Here’s why that matters, and what comes next

CNN — Sweden and Finland are set formally to end decades of neutrality and join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in a historic breakthrough for the alliance that deals a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The last major hurdle to the two nations’ entry to the bloc was removed when Turkey dropped its … Read more

Environmental groups sue Biden administration to halt its largest onshore drilling lease sale

CNN — As President Joe Biden’s administration prepares to hold its first onshore oil and gas drilling lease sales, environmental groups have filed a new lawsuit to attempt to stop the largest of these sales, in Wyoming. It’s the second lawsuit in a week to challenge the administration on its drilling plans. The suit comes … Read more

Joe Biden has the worst G7 since Jimmy Carter

This week’s G-7 meeting in Germany brings to mind the apocryphal Mark Twain quip that “history doesn’t repeat itself — but it rhymes.” Or swap out if you like Santayana’s familiar (and authentic) axiom: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This G-7 has to be judged the worst G-7 meeting … Read more

Biden aide interrupts as Macron spills bad news about oil crisis

President Biden’s national securityr Jake Sullivan on Monday stepped in to interrupt French President Emmanuel Macron as he advised bad news to Biden — with journalists feet away — about attempts to get Arab nations to produce more oil at lower record gas prices. “Careful. Maybe we should just step inside … because of the … Read more

Jan. 6 committee announces surprise hearing for Tuesday on new evidence

Chairperson Bennie Thompson (D-MS) attends the third of eight planned public hearings of the US House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol, on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 16, 2022. Sarah Silbiger | Reuters The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot announced it will hold … Read more

World Leaders Mock ‘Bare-Chested Horseback Rider’ Putin at G7 Summit

The world may be in shambles, but the leaders of the G7 summit managed to have a laugh—at the expense of Vladimir Putin and a 2009 photo of him riding a horse shirtless in the Siberian mountains. The G7 summit is a gathering of leaders from seven of the wealthiest countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, … Read more