Democrats intensify efforts to stop implementation of draft New York congressional map that pits incumbents against each other

Washington CNN — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is intensifying efforts to stop the implementation of a draft congressional map that would pit several Democratic incumbents against one another in the midterms and has exacerbated sensitive divisions in the caucus. The controversy, which Democratic leaders are trying to tamp down in order to avoid a … Read more

Trump demands PA voters to reject Senate hopeful Kathy Barnette

Former President Donald Trump is urging Pennsylvania Republicans to reject surging Senate candidate Kathy Barnette in a Tuesday primary as controversial past remarks surface making her a tougher sell in the general election. Trump backs TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz ahead of voting in what appears to be a three-way race against Barnette, a firebrand … Read more

President Joe Biden warns Dems over inflation

President Biden warned Democratic donors at a Chicago fundraiser late Wednesday that decades-high inflation will “scare the living hell out of everybody” as the party faces the prospect of big defeats in November’s midterm elections. “We can’t let this happen, guys,” Biden said. “So, we have to — we have to — and it’s going … Read more

The 3 things that need to happen for Democrats to keep the Senate

CNN — Election junkies, join. May marks the return of the 2022 primary season and the beginning of a mostly nonstop electoral stretch, from the midterms through the 2024 presidential cycle. Control of the House and the Senate is at stake this fall – Democrats hold slim majorities in both chambers. That’s where we start … Read more

GOP will push Biden to center if it wins control of Congress

Republicans will force President Biden to abandon his progressive agenda and move toward the center — if they gain control of Congress this November, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday. “Let me put it this way, Biden ran as a moderate. If I’m the majority leader in the Senate, and Kevin McCarthy’s the speaker … Read more

Donald Trump endorses Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania Senate

Donald Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz in his bid for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat, the former president announced Saturday. Trump’s backing potentially gives a boost to the cardiac surgeon and host of the “Dr. Oz Show” in the wide-open GOP primary. “I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if … Read more

Judge warns Dems they may regret appeal of NY gerrymander

An appeals court judge on Friday temporarily blocked enforcement of a ruling that found Democratic state lawmakers illegally gerrymandered new congressional districts — but warned that waiting for the case to be decided could backfire on them. “The Legislature may begin redrawing the map right now if it chooses to do so,” Rochester Appellate Division … Read more

Biden warns Dems he’ll only have ‘veto pen’ if they lose during midterms

President Biden warned lawmakers Friday that the “veto pen” will be the only power he’ll have if the Democrats lose Congress during the 2022 midterm elections. Speaking in campaign mode at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Biden, 79, told party members they needed to hold onto the House and Senate to implement … Read more

Biden’s economic challenge: Finding workers and goods

President Joe Biden enters midterm election year 2022 determined to solve what economists call a ‘supply’ problem – there are not enough job seekers or goods seekers to meet to the needs of the country. It is also a political problem. The mismatch masked the strong growth and 3.9% unemployment rate achieved in Biden’s first … Read more