Detailed ‘open source’ news investigations are catching on

NEW YORK (AP) — One of the most striking pieces of journalism from the Ukraine war featured intercepted radio transmissions from Russian soldiers indicating an invasion in disarray, their conversations even interrupted by a hacker literally whistling “Dixie.” It was the work of an investigations unit at The New York Times that specializes in open-source … Read more

‘Corrupt to core’ Caribbean premier gets bond in drug case

MIAMI (AP) — The premier of the British Virgin Islands, whom US prosecutors described as “corrupt to the core,” was given a $500,000 bond that could see him released from prison as he awaits trial on charges tied to a US narcotics sting. In a surprise decision, federal court Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes rejected prosecutors’ argument … Read more

Republican governor candidate defends Wisconsin ties

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican governor candidate Tim Michels defended his Wisconsin ties saying Monday he still votes and spends most of his time in the state, after a published report revealed his extensive real estate holdings on the East Coast and that his children attended high school there . Michels went on talk radio … Read more

NYPD veteran convicted of assaulting officer in Capitol riot

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal jury on Monday convicted a New York Police Department veteran of assaulting an officer during the US Capitol riotrejecting his claim that he was defending himself when he tackled the officer and grabbed his gas mask. Thomas Webster, a 20-year NYPD veteran, was the first Capitol riot defendant to be … Read more

British Virgin Islands premier arrested on US drug charges

MIAMI (AP) — The premier of the British Virgin Islands and the director of the Caribbean territory’s ports were arrested Thursday on drug smuggling charges in South Florida, federal authorities said. Premier Andrew Alturo Fahie and Managing Director Oleanvine Maynard were taken into custody by US Drug Enforcement Administration agents at Miami-Opa-locka Executive Airport and … Read more

In NYC, ads for jobs will have to say what they pay

NEW YORK (AP) — Help wanted. The job: putting one of the nation’s most far-reaching salary disclosure laws into practice. Location: New York City. Just four months ago, city lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to require many ads for jobs in the nation’s most populous city to include salary ranges, in the name of giving job applicants … Read more

New York court rejects congressional maps drawn by Democrats

ALBANY, NY (AP) — New York’s highest court on Wednesday rejected new congressional maps that had widely been seen as favoring Democrats, largely agreeing with Republican voters who argued the district boundaries were unconstitutionally gerrymandered. The state’s Court of Appeals said the Democratic-led Legislature lacked the authority to redraw congressional and state Senate maps after … Read more

Brooklyn subway suspect tipped off police to his location

NEW YORK (AP) — The man accused of shooting 10 people on a Brooklyn subway train was arrested Wednesday and charged with a federal terrorism offense after the suspect himself called police to come get him, law enforcement officials said. Frank R. James, 62, was taken into custody about 30 hours after the carnage on … Read more

America’s homeless ranks graying as more retire on streets

PHOENIX (AP) — Karla Finocchio’s slide into homelessness began when she split with her partner of 18 years and temporarily moved in with a cousin. The 55-year-old planned to use her $800-a-month disability check to get an apartment after back surgery. But she soon was sleeping in her old pickup protected by her German Shepherd … Read more

Judge rules for Trump Organization in NYC golf course fight

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s company can keep running a public golf course in the Bronx, a judge ruled Friday, saying New York City offered a baseless rationale for canceling the Trump Organization’s contract after the insurrection at the US Capitol last year . The ruling sends the matter back to the … Read more